New Computer

What’s that got to with Hornby Dublo?

Well I need a computer to write this and you need a computer to read it so I just thought that I would add some thoughts on my new one.

I had my first laptop in 1992, a Toshiba T 1200, which had 2 floppy disks one for the programme and one for the data. Many happy hours with Lotus 123 and Wordperfect as this was a business machine and no games were ever played on it. The most excitement was a programme called Sideways which enabled Lotus 123 to go sideways (Landscape) and thus allow more columns.

It started with MS DOS and progressed through all of the Windows programmes as each laptop was replaced with another. I have always had laptops not just because they are portable but because there is not a myriad of wires and connections – all so simple and  easy to set up.

Now retired I am in my home office and a laptop was not essential so I decided to go for a big screen All in One. I have never been into Apple although most of my family are so decided to stick with Windows but the one essential was a matte screen. My home office is a small conservatory type room with full glass on 3 sides and the reflections on a glossy screen are unacceptable and if I have a big screen I want to look at it not touch it so a mouse and keyboard is fine with me.

But to find an AIO with a matte screen. Rule out all of the iMacs (they will run Windows), rule out all with touch screens as these have an extra layer of glass for the touch making them very susceptible to glare and there is not many left. In the end I chose an MSI 24 inch All In One with a matte screen. The screen is full HD and full matte and has already proven its worth with bright winter sun not giving any problems – Winner.

Its fast, i7 processor, 128 GB SSD and 1TB HDD and a separate graphics chip for excellent iPlayer and You Tube watching but it came with Windows 8 which I was nervous about.

It is currently running W 8.1 Update 1 and with a few tweaks (easily available from websites) it is in my opinion better than the W7 which was and still is running on the old laptop which has been set up in the railway shed. So if you are a mouse person rather than touch don’t be afraid of Windows 8 just make sure that it has all of the updates and you will be totally at home and you never even have to see the Metro screen.

And my dublo pictures look really good an a big screen in full HD.




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