Stanier 2-6-4T

Initial running of this loco was fairly slow. Oiling etc did not improve matters much and the amps needle on the controller was showing 0.9 amps – too high for HD.

But I have done some more running and the amps are now down to 0.4 – much better – surely this is not a new loco being run in after some 50 odd years, possible as the pickups on the loco look very clean and little sign of running. Speed and pulling power is improving as well. A good addition to the fleet.

Picture of the 2 cylinder Stanier with the 3 cylinder version both by Wills Finecast on a HD chassis. The dreadful pink lining has been removedIMG_3308

2 thoughts on “Stanier 2-6-4T”

  1. Hi. Enjoying your pages and links very much . Currently building a 3 rail layout on a 7×4 foot board and al about to start laying track. Question – you had a link I believe showing model paper or card kits for a company that had been in continuous production since 1939 ish and I now can’t find it. I can’t recall the company name. Am I mistaken or did you have a link on there ? Regards Howard.

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