My Videos

I will be putting some of the videos I have produced on this page as well as any sent to me.

A couple of quick videos using my phone (Pixel 4A)


This is after camera and set up improvements

Hornby Dublo didn’t make many diesel locos here is a selection with a 2 or 3 intruders. Cast in order of appearance – Trix Twin Warship with 3 Trix coaches, HD Deltic Crepello on a 3 rail chassis with HD coaches, HD Bo-Bo Class 2. Playcraft Class 29 (repaint) on a HD Bo-Bo chassis. Hornby Class 33, HD 08 ( at warp speed), original Deltic on a goods working, Hornby Class 45 ( 3 rail conversion), Lima Warship (3rail conversion), HD Metrovick Co-Bo

Then we have some of the old footage

In order of appearance:

Wrenn R1 LMS but certainly not Crimson Lake, 3 rail conversion; Gaiety body on R1 chassis, 3 railed, with Hornby push pull coach; HD  GWR 0-6-2T  with an HD green suburban coach and a strange Triang horse box on a HD brake van chassis; Hornby St Dinidan – usually voted Hornby’s worst model ever but it goes well with XO4 motor; Hornby Black 5 tender drive which is just about maintaining its place on the loco roster; HD 2-6-4T repainted in SR colours;  Lima 2-6-2T small prairie; Fowler body of unknown make on HD 2-6-4T chassis; Triang 0-4-4T M7; Graham Farsh GWR 0-6-0T on an HD R1 chassis; Wrenn R1 in SR Green;  and then a repeat of the LMS Wrenn



Running on the inner track is Duchess of Atholl on a mail train with an HD operating mail coach and 2 SD coaches with Royal Mail overlays but with a BR blood and custard brake/composite which really should be an LMS version, which I have but didn’t add.

The Johnson 1F

And now a guest video