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  1. If you think it suitable please add my website to your links page, adding this text “Overlays for Hornby no.1 open wagons, no.1 chassis and Hornby-Dublo 5 and 7 plank metal open wagons”

  2. Hi I have a number of Hornby-Dublo items I want to sell, where is the best place to do this. I would also like to find out about potential values before I start to sell on these items. Regards John

    1. Valuation

      Find a similar item that you want to sell on ebay, click add it to my watch list and you will then see how much it sells for. You can also use BIN (Buy It Now) prices for items to give an idea what the seller thinks its worth although they don’t always sell for this amount. There are also ebay fees and pay pal fees if you use them.

      Go to Vectis auctions and look through their past auctions for similar items and see the price realised. Vectis tend to sell items at the top end of the market, make sure that the condition of your items matches that of the seller. The price shown on Vectis does not show the buyers and sellers premium so what you see is not what you get.

      You can go the many dealers selling HD which are in the links to get their idea of what an item will sell for.


      If you have the time, energy and patience you can use ebay but you have to be responsive, pack the items well, give good descriptions with suitable photos, use Pay Pal and run it as a proper business with excellent customer focus.

      If you have some valuable items then an Auction house might be interested but fees can be high. If you have any contacts in the HRCA or are prepared to join, they have 2 or 3 auctions per year with reasonable fees but to get the best prices the items must be in very good condition as these people already have collections and are often looking to improve on an existing item.

      Go to a dealer who will offer you around 50% of the retail value but will take it all off your hands, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  3. Greetings… your HD layout is precious! I`m just busy also with HD creating a MÄRKLIN HORNBY project with only locos of 50th and 60th:
    The OrientexpressPassengers carried by a Duchess of Montrose and a Sir Nigel Gresley to Dover on a separate british layout – Trainferry – then pulled by a BR01 through a continental landscape

  4. Hi , i recently decided to have a go at painting some of my hornby dublo loco’s but paints that i have bought are not the right colour for dublo . they may be correct for LMS loco’s ie like the real ones but dublo dont seem to be the same ?
    Also i am looking for the best supplier of transfers that are as near as possible to the original dublo
    Any help you can give will be greatly received
    All the best Dave

  5. Hi, Just been having an arguement with a gent about h/d making a :spitfire :
    battle of britian model , I say no way he declares yes . Who is right please . Thanks Oddy

    1. Many thanks. Link reactivated. Dublo Surgeon is a very well respected supplier and I am glad that there is a link to his site.

  6. Hi, If you think it would be of help to any of your followers pehaps you would add our website to your links – we are not specifically or only an HD site but always have a number of items for sale at reasonable prices and offer a search and find service to interested parties. Thanks

  7. Please could you add this new Facebook group to your list of links please?

    Hornby Dublo Enthusiasts
    A group for all enthusiasts of the Hornby Dublo OO gauge tabletop railways as produced by Meccano Ltd, Liverpool, from 1938-1964. A place to share pictures, discussion, buy/sell/swap, get technical advice and generally indulge in all things Dublo!
    3-rail & 2-rail enthusiasts welcome.

  8. I have just stumbled across your website in my quest for further information on Hornby Dublo and tips to building a layout and eventually running my collection, currently stored in boxes and cupboards throughout the house. Surprisingly, there is quite a fair amount of HD here in Australia although I havnt found a St Paddy yet!
    Great to find so much helpful advice on one site and thanks to you and all your contributors.

    John Cotgreave.

  9. Good Morning

    I have been following this Blog for some years now and find that your dedication to the hobby quite extraordinary, well done. We are a small band of volunteers here in Brisbane, Australia and wonder if there is any chance that after viewing the site put a link up via this page. The site is very new and there are a number of area’s that will require more attention, maybe it will give some benefit to a hobbyist that is looking for a group here in Australia.

    Kind Regards

  10. Really appreciate this site, an inspiration and fabulous source of information ! You might like to add links to the following auction houses etc. ( you already have ‘ Vectis ‘ featured ):

    Lacy Scott & Knight:

    Warwick & Warwick:

    Also, the grand daddy of Dublo model shops, Hattons: ( great for ‘ pre owned buying & selling ‘ ).

    Have used all 3 recently – highly professional & recommended ! [ am entirely independent of all, this isn’t a sponsored link ! ].

    Thanks !

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