HD Layout 2020

So as promised

I was surprised how slowly you had to run the trains to make the action look remotely sensible.

Joining the small bits together was easy as was cutting out bits I didn’t want although the final video is a bit jerky moving from one section of the track to the other,

This is a total overview of the layout and features the two neverwas locos of the previous two posts plus running on the small inner circuit the Dinky Toys 0-4-0T  although the Duchess of Atholl also gets a look in. The Dinky Toys loco is a metal bodied push along with a Triang/Hornby chassis converted to 3 rail. Goes very well

Looking at other videos I need to get closer to the action so perhaps if there is another that will be the way forward.

No commentary just the lovely rattling noise.

3 thoughts on “HD Layout 2020”

  1. A rare beast on a Dublo 3 rail layout,a Hornby SR Cl.71 converted to run on my layout.A challenging conversion,at first,i thought it couldn`t be done but with a bit thought ,this is the result.It`s hauling a set of Trix coaches in the video,they are slightly underscale which shows up in this video but they are extremley free runningThese 750v third rail locos hauled the Night Ferry from Victoria,then BR`s heaviest train at around 800 tons and the Golden Arrow,also from Victoria.


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