Slow Start Video

Some time ago Ron Dodds asked me to take a video of slow running with my new controller. The arrival of the boy and his new DSLR which takes videos unlike the old one he passed onto me which doesn’t. So here is a slow start up of a double headed oil train and a local passenger train. Probably more to come if this works. Not yet ready for YouTube but its a start.

Well it would seem that I can’t post it directly on this website so I have posted it here

It needs some editing but that’s for laters


One thought on “Slow Start Video”

  1. Hi Tony
    Great you were able to get your first video out although a bit short, the picture is very good.
    I have not seen your new type of controllers in action as yet, and was curious to see how well they work. I notice the train speed up as it came out of the bend, that shows me it is not a “feed back” type controller, take a look at my video where I demonstrate this. I do use these feed back controllers but only for very slow running or on gradients, the rest of the time I use regular (modern type) controllers that I can switch between either type.
    Hope this is the first of more videos from your layout, keep up the good work, enjoy your site very much.
    Regards, Ron.

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