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The boy was here over Christmas with his new camera so here are some pictures.

The first is a Wrenn unrebuilt Bullied Pacific, the second is a Maerklin Pacific showing through the trees and the last actually has some HD locos with Dorchester and Mallard but with a Hornby Schools Class as an intruder.






Why does the layout always look a mess when you take a picture but which you don’t notice before you take the picture.



One thought on “New Photos”

  1. Finally started on my HD3 layout in the loft. Not sure if much more will get done up there over winter, a bit chilly. I will be ensuring though that once up and running there will be some running locos and scenery. Check ebsite link for some information.

    I have had enough together to try out some of my stock. couple of genuine HD3 locos and a couple of converts.

    I must confess to being surprised how well the Hornby 0-4-0 converted chassis ran, especially when well ballasted. Pick ups are just bent brass strips.

    HD3 BoBo runs fine but 0-6-2 is still a bit sluggish.

    As all my points are manual I was wondering if anyone had retrofitted a powered option. I am looking at a means of turning the operating screw through its half turn.

    Options thought about include:

    – cheap electric motor driving the spindle directly. Basically motor becomes a rotary acuator.
    – cheap electric motor and gear drive.
    – gear on pinon of screw with rack below driven by linear actuator.

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