Hornby Dublo Maintenance

I often have requests on maintaining HD locos and another was received very recently. Ron Dodds has produced a series of videos on Youtube which explains how to do just about everything you need to know to service and repair your locos. The videos have been mentioned on the posts before but now I have added links to each video in the Links section to make it easier to watch the video on the subject you need.

These are the most useful videos for anyone running HD 3 rail and so much better than words and diagrams as you can work whilst you watch pausing the video at the critical times.


7 thoughts on “Hornby Dublo Maintenance”

    1. Maerklin trains will run on HD track and will run one way with a DC controller, they will not reverse. You can run a Maerklin controller on the HD track alongside the HD controller which is what I do on my layout – see post and picture on HD and Maerklin in the Posts section – March 2014

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