Links Tested

I tested all the links on 27th February. The link to Southern Railway Photo Net shows Account Suspended so this is not working. All other links are working fine.

Whilst searching to see if the Southern Photos site had moved to a new domain owner I came across this which is a collection of pictures of the Southern Railway of the USA. Interesting but probably not interesting enough to add to the links page. But then I went to the Home Page typed in UK in the Country box and found 9,190 pictures of railways in the UK. Browsing this website could seriously damage your health. This link has been added., Elaine’s Trains and Shunters Junction selling HD and other makes have been added.

Lickey Incline added with brief histories of HD, Trix etc and other items of interest. Worth a browse

If you know of a link to a useful 3 rail site or supplier etc add it as a comment to this posting.

If, like me, you have some old diecast Dinky and Corgi toys of a similar age to Hornby Dublo then you need to spend time here an excellent website for information and history but also has valuations of many of the items. Fascinating reading but beware you just might lose a lot of hours combing through this site.


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