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I needed a rear pony for a HD 2-6-4T and immediately went to MTrains as they are on my links page and had been recommended by people commenting on the website. I am very pleased to report that I received excellent service and a well packaged pony truck arrived at a very reasonable price. Only possible improvement is if they took PayPal. I know that this would add 3% to their costs but I think that their prices could rise by this amount without a problem and would add business from outside the UK. The pictures of the spares on the website is definitely an added bonus.

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  1. Hi there,
    I typed Hornby Dublo into my search engine and got your very interesting webpage. I imagine like a lot of men my age I am revisiting my childhood with my grandsons and resurrecting my Hornby Dublo 3 rail train sets. I am also augmenting my collection with the odd purchase from eBay. The whole experience is lots of fun.

    QUESTION: I have overhauled several of my locos and replaced some original magnets with neo magnets so they are quite powerful and run well. The problem is wheel spin. Is there any way of curing this without loading up the locos with weights? I see on many video clips on you tube long trains being hauled. For instance I have an 8F and it won’t pull more than four oil tankers and a guards van without serious wheel spin? I would appreciate any advice you might have.
    Thank you

    Brisbane, Australia

    1. Cam,

      The 8F with its small wheels of which only two are flanged is the most prone of HD locos to slipping. I tend to run mine with the superdetailed (plastic) running stock and can get 6 or 7 trucks behind it, just. You also need to check whether your track is dirty. HD engines run on filthy track usually with little problems but if it is dirty then the 8F will show up the worst. I use a cloth soaked in methylated spirit on a long pole to clean my track and the amount of dirt removed is amazing. Methylated spirits will evaporate quite quickly but I usually do mine last thing at night and leave it to dry overnight. Clean a portion of the track first and see how the 8F performs on this section compared to the rest. I think that you will find that it will speed up significantly in the clean section, if this is the case then its time to clean the whole circuit, which in my case means removing a lot of rolling stock from nearby sidings as otherwise I knock them off the track.

      Don’t forget that there is a thriving Australian section of the Hornby Railway Collectors Association which can be contacted here
      Val Richardson PO Box 220 Baulkham Hills NSW 1755, thepansypatchatgmaildotcom and although this address may be many thousands of miles from you there could be some collectors nearer.

      Good luck with the running

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