Autumn Approaches

The evenings are getting shorter, there is less work to do in the garden and therefore more time to play with the trains. Nothing really has been done to the layout throughout the Summer although trains have been run for a short time most days.

The carriage has had a new wheel set fitted and is now working well and the Schools Class has had a new traction tyre to its tender drive and is therefore back on active duties. I have also added a Lima Class 33, another Graham Farish 0-6-0PT and another Gaiety 0-6-0PT to the engine shed roster.

The last two models are totally in the HD time frame with heavy diescast bodies and simple mechanisms. The Gaiety engine is actually running on a modified HD 0-6-0T chassis and the extra weight compared to the original makes for very good running.

One of the things to decide for future layout work is whether I am going to add the extra electric points that I have to the new extension sidings replacing the current manual ones. This could be possible as these sidings are only for carriage or freight trucks and will not have engines stabled in them. The electric points are non isolating and to store engines it would require having isolating rails and switches.

Having made this decision I will then have to decide whether I will ballast this area – not sure at the moment. Still room for a few more buildings which is the winter jobby.

No pictures in this posting I will take some of the Black5 and the Class 33  for the next instalment.



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