Check on Links

I have checked all the links on the Links page.

Brian Schofield’s Hornby and Hornby Dublo Electric Trains have both seem to have left the web and have been removed from the links. The second one is depressing because this was the first site that I ever found on Hornby Dublo and through their Virtual Swap Shop I made some of my first purchases back in the days when you sent for a list of items for sale and relied on the buyer for an accurate description. Sorry to see that website go.

Paul Bartlett’s British Rail Wagons and the HRA have both changed their web addresses and these have been updated in the links.

I have also added a link to SCARM (Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller) which is a software programme like Xtrac which enable you do build a theoretical layout of a 3 rail layout. You can also view it in 3D. I have to admit that it looks very clever, I have downloaded it but only used a little. I think that it is worth giving it a try and it has been very well received by the HRCA as they have had a lot of input to the programme so that it covers both Hornby Dublo 2 and 3 rail.

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