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Although I continue to test the track especially the entry into the carriage and engine sidings I am hopeful that the two main lines are now OK and will not need changing. I have been building shops and a Cinema to add to the town behind the extension as well as a Mainline station. With the addition of a wall between the High Street and the railway this area is now nearly finished. The buildings are by Metcalfe and are very therapeutic and

relatively easy to build. I think that they are much better than the alternative Superquick.

The acquisitions are

Two mint and boxed Graham Farish  GWR suburban coaches to go behind the Graham Farish 0-6-0PT. These coaches are all plastic and well detailed but do not have the doors lined out and there no running numbers just the GWR circle. Nowhere near as nice as HD possibly on a par with Triang but they at least had running numbers. This train has been located on the small inner oval which will now act purely as a suburban branch line.

A HD 0-6-2T in LNER Green for the engine shed extension. and a HD BR(WR) coach plus another to come so that I can run WR trains on both lines.

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  1. Hi I have a 3 rail I am trying to build over this next winter. I was interested in the idea of using boosters, boost the electical supply to old track. Can you tell me which one s your recommend as I tried to follow your link but got sent off in to dead end, IT wise.

    Thank you inanticipation.


    David .

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