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One of the advantages of being a member of the Hornby Railway Collectors Association is their annual Spares and Replacement parts Directory. This gives you information on people who can provide spares, repairs replacements and reproduction items. It does have some minor drawbacks. One is that many of the suppliers do not have websites or email addresses and another is that it is not always clear as to what exactly you are looking for and whether they have it. Now I have found someone who does have a website, takes pictures of the spares that he is selling so it is easy to identify the exact part you want and you can order online. I have added a link to them. I have not yet used them but I am sure that I will be giving them a try in the near future. www.mtrains.co.uk

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  1. I have purchased several items from mtrains and found all aspects of service particularly good.
    When sourcing pick-up sets for converting Wrenn Bulleids to 3-rail great lengths were taken to supply fixing bolt of exactly the correct length.

    Strangely mtrains also ebay some of their items on ebay which generally achieve substantially more than the website price


  2. hi, i also have used ‘mtrains’ whom i found are excelent especially their first class web site for sourcing & ordering parts and so nice to deal with,very professional and helpful.

  3. Hope you dont mind me asking, but I recently bought a new magnet for my Hornby dublo 8f, and I cannot work out how to fit it. Please can you help or direct me to someone who can

    with grateful thanks

    1. Mtrains has the Dublo service sheets for download, if you need them. Does the 8F have a ½” or a ringfield motor? For the ½”, just remove the motor from the chassis (two screws) Remove the brushes (keep safe, they’re expensive to replace). Then unscrew the magnet fixing screw and slide out the old magnet and fit the new. Then reassemble. If she runs the wrong way, reverse the magnet. It may be a good idea to clean the bearings and gear while the motor is dismantled. Take great care to not damage the commutator and windings. The ringfield will be similar, but I have to look at the diagram.

  4. Having looked at the diagram (listed as 5/8″ motor on the above site), it’s quite straight forward. Remove the motor and unscrew the brushes. (Beware the springs tend to fly across the room – dismantle in a shoe box or similar) The brush housing is held by four screws undo and lift off (take care not to lose the steel balls at each end of the armature – this applies to the ½” motor too) swop the magnets and reassemble. Again clean off old grease and muck.

  5. There is also coopertrains.com – it’s interesting to compare the prices – I suppose to some extent it depends on what they have available at the time. Incidentally, I think MTrains is now mainly on ebid.

  6. Am in the process of unpacking my HD 3 rail railway which I have not seen for 26 years. Does anyone have some advice on wiring the TPO. The coach mechanisn works but I cannot get it to operate from the track/docking unit. I have two types of docking units – one with an integral rail and one which seems to have a seperate rail and needs to be raised to bring it to the same level as the track
    Any help would be appreciated

    1. A picture here would be helpful but I can’t easily get to my TPO rail. Lets try. The TPO apparatus is a full length 3 rail straight and you need at least a half straight at either end for it to work. Next to the 3 rail there is a raised rail which the van connects two via a connector that comes out of the bottom of the coach on one side. This provides the electrical connection between the apparatus and the coach. To operate you must have a separate 12v input. You cannot use a connection from the train controller. Connect one wire to the terminal nearest the rail on the apparatus. Connect the other terminal to one end of the switch. Connect the other end of the switch to the other terminal on the apparatus. Hold down the button all the time the carriage is passing the apparatus. Hope that makes sense

  7. hi all I agree with you john Holland at mainly trains ia great he nows about everything he has been running a 3 rail layout for over 40 years and can tell you exactly what you want,you can talk to him online or by phone,i have been dealing with him now for about 4 years,but I don’t think he will be able to help me this time,i have just purchased a model 2231 0-6-0 in two rail as not working when I stripped it down,bearing in mind it is in near mint cond the nylon insulators in the armature had melted around the three arms of the coils and had stuck to the magnet stopping the motor from turning this is a ringfield peak-power motor and I think I will need to buy a new armature but where from,this model dates from the 1960s,can anyone help me with any info,would be very grateful.bix

    1. Bix,

      Looking at John’s website he does do rewound armatures for the diesel shunter but states that you need to enquire. Worth an email. He could also supply the bits to convert it to 3 rail if that’s what you run. The Dublo Surgeon http://www.dublopartsdecals.co.uk/spares_page_01.html
      also does rewound armatures.

      The Diesel shunter seemed to have a reputation for overheating due to the lack of clearance around the Ringfield motor.

  8. any idea where I can get dublo horsebox doors from there used to be a bloke in the forest of dean I think however cannot track him down

    1. David, I have looked through the Spares Directory and I did not find any mention of horsebox doors, sorry

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