New Year, New Engines

Welcome to the New Year with two engines to welcome it in. They were both actually received in 2009 but this is their debut on the website.

The first is very interesting; a Graham Farish 00 gauge ex GWR 0-6-0ST with a hand built chassis. This has a surprising amount of detail for a die cast moulding and was introduced around the end of the Hornby Dublo era and continued on for some time as a GraFar model. The custom built 3 rail chassis and the heavy body makes for an excellent and quiet runner. It was in the same lot as the BR Standard 5 and they are both very good additions to the loco fleet.

The second one is a hand built chassis attached to a Trix body of an ex GWR 0-6-2T. It is missing the top of the chimney but apart from that is in very good condition. A good runner but with limited pulling capability. I already have an original Trix version converted to run on HD 3 rail. The learned books always say that this was an HO model but it certainly doesn’t give that impression when lined up with the other OO gauge models. Pictures have been posted.

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