One I bought a while ago

An acquisition of some weeks ago from ebay was a I thought a Hornby N2 in LNER converted to 3 rail running. What another N2 after all those dublo ones. Well my reason was that it was modeled with vapour recovery pipes going into the tanks as fitted to most of these engines running out of kings Cross.

However when it arrived it was missing the pony wheels making it a 0-6-0T – not as the maker intended. An email to the seller bought no response. Further emails both direct and via ebay also bought no response. As the engine was bought at a low price it was a matter of living with it and finding a spare set of wheels. A contact at the local Model Railway Club went off to search his spares box with the result that he said it was an Airfix model and no he did not have a suitable spare set of wheels.

Research then began. It was designed by Airfix but the company went bust before they put it on the market and thus it was sold by Mainline trains but seemingly only for about 2 years in 1982/3. Mainline were sold and then the molds were bought by Dapol although I am not sure whether they ever sold this model. Anyway they sold the molds to Hornby who did produce the model although it is currently discontinued. So it might have been a Hornby after all.

All of this didn’t get me the missing wheels but in the course of the Googling I found Model Trains 4u who had spares for the Mailine version. An order on their website bought me the whole pony truck including wheels for under £4 so now it is up and running.

The noise it makes is horrendous and makes the Dublo version sound like a Rolls Royce by comparison. Not the quiet smooth running loco I expected.

I have added a picture.

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