The Poll has finished

The poll for you to decide which is the most popular HD loco has completed. The results are:

Duchess of Montrose 21%
Standard 4MT 20%
Sir Nigel Gresley 20%
Dorchester 16%
Bristol Castle 16%

I suppose I am not that surprised, Montrose was a very big seller and a very popular loco and is a model of a very powerful LMS loco all in all that must make it popular. The 4 MT was an even better HD model and I expected it to win but it just lost out. Sir NG and other A4’s were not as good models as the previous ones but were part of the early HD introduction and thus remain popular with HD fans.

So all in all its the oldies that are the winners.

I will now contemplate a new poll as I think that the last one was interesting.

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