Another small addition

Another small tank engine courtesy of ebay. This is a Triang Jinty 0-6-0T in late BR insignia but originally a LMS engine. A very good conversion that runs very well and pulls a couple of HD coaches with ease. My other two Triang engines are the DMU and the EMU both of which are very noisy and I expected this to be much the same but in fact it is quiet and runs very smoothly. This is an early Triang version and has pretty deep flanges which you can see makes it wobble over the points and x crossing but it does not de-rail so everything is fine. I must say that I am also very pleased with the Lima 2-6-2T conversion that I recently added as this is proving to be an excellent runner.

I did bid for a 3 rail Dublo EMU but I was no where near the final price despite it being unboxed. In some ways I am pleased because even at the price I bid it would have been very difficult to justify.

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