Small Prairie Tank

This is a Lima model of a GWR small prairie tank built between 1927 and 1929 and was one of the last series with sloping water tanks. A workhorse of the GWR especially in South Wales. This is well detailed model and expertly converted to 3 rail with an unusual 3 rail pick up. It works very well with no hesitation over points or crossings. Like most plastic bodied modern stuff it won’t pull very much but it is ideal with a couple of plastic wheeled carriages or a small super-detailed freight train. A very useful addition to my growing stable of small tank engines thanks to an excellent transaction on ebay.

A couple of pictures have been posted. The colour has not come out well the actual engine is much more green than the pictures show.

I am not sure when this model was produced as there doesn’t seem to be a Lima Collectors/History website that I have been able to find. The motor is a little noisy but this might be normal my only other Lima is the Warship which runs very quietly.

p.s. Welcome to 2008 I hope its a happy one for you and me.

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