Is it all getting silly

I make it clear on the home page that I am not prepared to pay silly prices for the rarer HD items. That was written a couple or three years ago and since then prices seem to have gone even more silly.

E3003 on ebay with a buy it now price of £890
M&B EDL7 GWR £600 on vectis
M&B EDL7 Southern £750.00 on vectis
Articulated LNER coach set £1,700 also on Vectis

I leave all my rolling stock on the layout collecting dust and rust so that I can run them when I want to, so how can you ever justify these prices unless you keep it in the box, out of the sunlight and wait and sell it again in a few years time, nothing to do with running 3 rail.

I think I will continue to ignore the rare items and keep on running what I have and continue to buy some non HD items which will make the layout more interesting.

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