Mainline Again

Well after some tank engines for branch lines I have gone mainline again. This time its a Warship which was a common Western Region diesel in the early diesel days. This was a hydraulic diesel based on German DB V200 series. This engine had to be seriously modified to conform to the the UK loading gauge and it also had to be built in Britain. No imports from Germany allowed in those days. They did use German engines and transmissions. This combination produced an unreliable engine in its early days but the many problems, from the bogies to steam heating and most things in between, were slowly overcome and they ended up as pretty reliable performers.
The model by Lima seems to me to be a pretty good one with some fine detail. It has been simply converted with a brass pick up and return to all 6 driving wheels. It really is a very good performer and easily takes 4 Pullmans or even 5 Stanier blood and custards. In its later days it was also used for freight duties so it fits in well. The modeled example is D838 Rapid. Built at NBL, Glasgow, October 1960. First shed allocation Plymouth Laira. June 1964 shed allocation Newton Abbot. Withdrawn March 1971.

This means that this loco was well in service before steam was phased out in 1967. Although I run toy trains from a modelers point of view it fits the general era of the end of steam with Deltic, Metrovick Co-BO and Class 20 all part of that scene.

I am unable to post pictures as the Camera has gone walk about but as soon as I get it back I will post some

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