Three Southern R1’s

I now have my third HD 0-6-0T Southern R1. I already have the black one and a Wrenn Southern one and now I have added the green HD one. The black is definitely authentic to the prototype, the Wrenn one probably is but the green HD one definitely isn’t. It has a late BR logo and would never have been painted in green with this configuration. Must remember thay they are toys. Yet another type of 3 rail conversion. I will post some pics comparing the various types of 3 rail conversions that I have of this engine. One uses a much modified HD pick up and was done professionally one uses a Marklin skate and the newest uses a peice of bent to shape sprung brass pick up. Amazingly they all run equally well with no stalling over the points. These engine are very light and wont pull very much, two HD carriages seem about right or three or four wagons and they go very nicely. I haven’t found out much about these engines although everyone knows that they were used to move the carriages from Folkestone Harbour to Folkestone Station often triple headed with a banker engine as well. However I can’t find any examples of them used in branchline service or in shunting duties. However mine are in use as branchline engines pulling short trains. A nice little addition to the stable.

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