One of the comments in the Mainline thread mentioned the fact that I had Marklin Controllers but stated that Marklin engines can easily be converted to 12V DC. Interesting. However the presence of Marklin on my layout is as a result of living in Germany for some years when my children were at an age to be interested in trains so they were bought to supplement my meagre collection of old Hornby Dublo locos and rolling stock.In those days the children really didn’t mind or didn’t notice that were of a different scale. Now the HO vs OO scale difference is very noticeable and I am always close to clearing out these few remaining HO items. The most noticeable are the carriages and the small tank engines, the pacific 4-6-2 loco is relatively large in its self and is therefore not so obvious.
No, they don’t look right and will go at some time probably when I run out of suitable sidings for storage of the HD fleet.

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