The summer is over – well nearly

Its been a very hot and long summer in the UK. Definitely not the weather for playing with trains. Most of the toy fairs stop during this period and even sitting at the computer is not attractive when the sun is shining and there are jobs to be done in the garden etc.
So all in all not a lot of train activity.
However September arrived and so did temptation in the shape of a 3 rail conversion of a Mainline Deans Good. This 0-6-0 engine was first introduced by the GWR in 1891-2, but were rebuilt by the GWR Chief Engineer, William Dean and afterwards they were forever known as Dean Goods. They were the workhorse of the GWR and 280 were built in total.
The model itself is reasonably well detailed but is of course plastic with tender drive, which does not make it suitable for pulling a long rake of tinplate wagons. I have it pulling a coal wagon, a bogie brick, with the rarer brown chassis and a brake van. It must be on a branch line with a short pick up freight.
Some pictures will be posted.

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