Running Again

Autumn is with us and the nights are drawing in, soon to be time to change the clocks and all this means more running on the layout. I have two Triang “locomotives” a DMU and an EMU both of course converted to 3 rail. I have been running both of them and am surprised by the noise they make. I just wonder if this is normal or something to do with my examples. Compared to HD and Wrenn the motors howl like banchees on heat even when going slow. Do they need oiling? Do they need a service? Or is this normal for the Triang motors in these two units. Still they circulate well even if they drown out the radio which I usually listen to whilst running. Don’t have the same problem with Trix, Lilliput-Trix but the Gaiety is fairly noisy. Anyone out there got any comments?

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