Another link with the past

In a previous post I mentioned that I often caught a train hauled by 80033 from Victoria and had added a model of it to the layout.
Now when I was even younger I would look out of my bedroom window and two large fields away there was a railway line on which would run a 2 coach electric train. It was the West Croydon to Mitcham line, it was single line and I don’t remember ever seeing a train consisting of more than two carriages. This line is now part of the Croydon Tramway so it still exists but how different it would all look if I went back there.
Anyway I have now added a Triang 4SUB electric train which has two coaches and is similar to the one I would look out on. It is not the actual type which I think was unusual but it gives the same look.
It runs well but the convertor has put a heavy weight above the new pick ups which have been added to convert it to 3 rail and this does make it wobble a bit and occasionally derail as it would seem that it is a little top heavy. I will do some more running before deciding whether to try and take out this added weight – it does make for a good electrical pickup, better than the DMU which uses a similar set up but without the added weight. More news when I have done some more running

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