August Update

The problem with my DMU was the pickup. The HD pickup is attached to the bogie by the same screw that attaches and swivels the bogie with the result that the nut got looser and looser and the wire connection stopped working. Adding a locking nut seems to have cured the problem for now. The motor bogie seems to pick up OK although it stalls on diamond crossings but gets across them. So it is back in the land of runners.

The Triang DMU was based on the very first order of for DMUs placed on Met Cam in 1954 for DMUs in the 79XXX series. They were delivered in 1955 which on a time line is excellent for the layout. Amazingly Met Cam made 750 DMUs in the 79XXX, Class 101,102 etc series.

The Dapol, 4-4-0 lost its traction tyres and therefore became a non runner. A quick trip to Mike soon had new traction tyres fitted and it is now back on track. I also took him the unpainted 0-6-2T to see whether he can get it to run, although I am not sure what to to do about repainting it.

One addition I would like for the layout is a Hornby Schools class – Dulwich, which was my old school. This will have to be converted to three rail but as it is a tender drive this should be relatively easy. I have been searching ebay for over three weeks but no Dulwich has come up for auction. Every other school has been but not the one I want. Still trying.

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