I have managed a little time to work on the DMU. I removed the roof and tightened all of the connections but did little else but look at and think what more could I do to improve the earthing on the three rail track. I couldn’t think of anything constructive although I had been given some advice from Paul Thompson but I couldn’t see where the wires ought to go so I put the roof back on. Lo and behold it ran pretty well. Although it staggers across the X crossings, all converted locos do so that is no surprise. So I thinbk that I can now enter this as a runner. I wouldn’t take too many bets on how long as it does not seem that it was a very professional conversion and the wires could come loose again at any time. But a greast improvement and so far so good.
Looking on the Triang website my model is R157 Power Car, Type b second issue with ribbed roof and different BR roundels and the corresponding dummy car. The standard DMU but was the prototype that it was based on?

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