Scenery starting

Now that I am pretty sure that the running tracks are as good as they can be I have started adding some scenery. There are two fields with cows, horses and since the photos were taken, sheep and pigs. The “6 Feet” (that is the name given to the distance between the two running tracks – which are the “4 feet”) has started to be given its ballast. As it is grey it really doesn’t show on the pictures. The engine siding has been ballasted but not yet finished and the road through the siding has been picked out. There is now a level crossing leading away from the coal sidings. Progress has been slow but part of that is due to the freezing temoeratures which makes the PVC glue slow to set and can leave it white rather than colourless. Anyway who wants to hurry it – as its fun and anyway I have run out of all ballast material. All work will cease whilst we are away for two and a half weeks but I am fairly happy with the effect. It must be remembered that this is a toy train layout meant to be run not a model railway with excellent prototypical scenery etc. It has to be that way because I have never seen a proper railway with a third rail running along the middle. Pictures have been posted in the 2005 album.

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