The 0-6-2T acquisition

I have posted two pictures of the recent acquisition of a much modified HD 0-6-2T N2 tank engine. Basically somebody has taken a HD N2 and cut out the boiler and replaced it with a cylinder to act as the new boiler. Having done this it requires a horseshoe magnet chassis to fit into the space that is left. Hopefully the pictures, which are unfortunately slightly out of focus, should show the gap under the boiler compared to the standard HD offering. The pictures also show that it is unpainted and does have some detailing added – is that an oiler that is on the RHS side of the engine. I think the body is interesting and probably deserves to be painted however the chassis is a disaster. It is a non runner, the wheels are green on one side, black on the other and also out of alignment so they wobble about if were able to run. I have checked and a standard non horshoe magnet chassis will not fit. So there are some choices:
1 Remove the armiture, make it a non runner and tow it behind an engine as being on its way between works
2 Repair the chassis turm it into a runner, leave it unpainted and have it running light engine between works
3 Repair and repaint. I am currently very undecided as to which option to take. Probably I ought to go for option 3, but that could be difficult and expensive.
I have also posted one picture of the New Town which has sprung up on the new extension. It now requires a road, cars and people but at least the process has started.
The two running lines have been screwed down and the running is very good. The 2-6-4T’s with their foam inserts run well as does everything else including the Co-Co. The Co-Co however will not enter the sidings without de-railing so not everything is sorted by a long way.

Anyone out there got a 0-6-2T horseshoe chassis which they are willing to sell?

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