Improved running

For those of you who have read the comments you will know that Nigel Clark advised me to add a small peice of sponge foam under the front bogie of the 2-6-4T to prevent it de-railing. I did this on 80033 last night and it worked a treat, so I followed it with 80054 and today I also added the magic foam to the Wrenn bodied one. Actually this still had a problem when shunting so I might have to modify it a little but it ran well on the main line. In fact you can easily see that the foam stops the bogie from bouncing high enough to derail but does not prevent it from rounding the curves etc. A little more trial and error is necessary but I think that I am on a winner.
A local toy and train fair was visited on Sunday, resulting in two 3 rail ventilated vans, 5 full length straights and a strange N2 loco. I will post on this laters when I have taken some pictures, the problem being that it is both a non runner and non painted, but of course it was very cheap. I am still looking for a running A4 chassis so that I can get my wrongly painted Sir Nigel running again, however everything I have seen so far as complete locos are silly prices. for the purpose I want.
I have posted three more pictures of the general layout.

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