Still testing the track

Three of the large radius curves that came with the job lot I bought in the Summer are the cause of problems. One seems to have a pinch point in the rails which causes the trucks especially to wobble and then uncouple – no obvious problem on close inspection but there is one there. Another couple do not fit well and again can lead to bogie wheels jumoing off the track. This problem will hopefully be overcome by the purchase of 8 large radius curves from ebay last weekend. These were bought for £12 including postage which again was a great price – need to look at the state of the rails before declaring them a bargain. They looked good in the pictures but that can be misleading as every one knows who buys from ebay. Otherwise its the points that continue to be their normal problem but I have enough to change out so slowly we are getting there. The CoBo now runs OK on the down line but refuses to reverse over points to get out of a siding so there is still work to be done there. We are getting there as the BR advert used to say, but they were privatised before they got there.

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