Interesting day at toy fair

Visited a small local toy fair on Sunday. One purchase that can’t be discussed yet as it will be a Christmas present. But a did buy a Standard tank 4MT to add to the many I already have. This one is a little special for me at least being the two rail body on a three rail chassis. The two rail body carries the number 80033. This engine was used on the Victoria to Oxted line via East Croydon. When I used to go to school in London I would always try and catch this, the last steam train running out of Victoria, at I think 7 minutes past the hour from Platform 17. This platform was the furthest away from the main concourse presumably to reduce smoke pollution. I would then change at East Croydon for my onward journey. On reflection I think that the Golden Arrow was still pulled by steam during this period but the Oxted line lasted longer. So a little bit of the past is re-lived on the layout. The loco was a bargain at £30 considering that it is in pretty good condition, with few chips but weathered BR logo. The number is bright and in good condition. The other purchases were a few more rails and a BR (SR) green composite coach. This is not in brilliant condition with some tarnishing around the windows but this doesn’t show when you are about two feet away and was also a bargain at £18. These are over £50 when mint and boxed and who can tell the difference when they rattle around the layout. Mint and boxed is definitely the investment route but if you want to run them all you do is devalue the investment and leaving them tucked away in thier box seems to be a poor way of playing trains

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