New Rails

The large radius curves arrived today and I can report were a bargain. They were in very good condition. 4 have been used to replace the line on the new extension. Two were used to replace those ones which seemed to have a pitch point, and the last two were used to replace two standard curves which I has bodged to act as large radius curves using a quarter straight rail to keep the distance between the rails. I now need to run those trains which had problems previously to see if they are now OK. I am hoping that we have reduced some of the outstanding problems. One problem which is more difficult to overcome are the diamond crossings. I have 3 on the layout and they are a pain. The converted Wrenn loco’s lose contact going over them as does the Castle and the 2-6-4T’s have a tendency to jump their front bogie when they go through them. I think that they are recognised to be a problem so if any readers out there have come up with a solution please post a comment.

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