Chrissy was good

Well, Chrissy was excellent. Good food, the family around and presents that were well directed. Shame about the flu that was about. The Hornby Dublo presents were an 0-6-2 GWR tank loco. This is a re-paint but on a genuine GWR chassis. Wonderful condition and a very good runner. The other loco was a City of London by Wrenn converted to 3 rail. Again it is in excellent condition with no marks on it at all. A very good runner but with the normal problem of getting through some of the points – not a concern. The third Dublo present was a Through Station, bridge and loading guage. Very good condition, won from Peter Davies on ebay and in my opinion a bit of a bargain, but don’t tell him. I have posted pictures of these items on the New Layout album. I also have a number of great pictures of some of the older locomotives which I will post soon as I think that they are an improvement on those already in the gallery. I also have posted a picture of 80033 which was the subject of an earlier acquisition.

The track testing continues and is now nearly there but still with the 2-6-4T’s showing a tendency to de-rail the front bogie.

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