Richard’s Layout 2

Some more pics from my layout.

Barnstaple 3 rail conversion
Barnstaple 3 rail conversion

Barnstaple showing how 2 rail wire pickup trapped under insulation block to deinsulate  wheels.

IMG_0902I hand painted the LMS N2 tank myself, using flat brush and thinned Humbrol  enamel, mixed to get right shade! Transfers courtesy of Dennis Williams.


Gaiety body with R1 chassis
Gaiety body with R1 chassis

The GWR pannier was a scrap JVM body on a shortened r1 chassis. Brass Cab side Number plates by Geoff Burton of Kings Cross plates.

Amazing the expertise people have which helps guys like me!

2 thoughts on “Richard’s Layout 2”

  1. Yes,i converted a Barnstable years ago.The thing to watch is to rotate the ringfield magnet 180 degrees so that theloco runs in the same direction as the3 rail model.

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