Double Heading

The boy recently converted a Wrenn LMS R1 loco to 3 rail running. This is my fourth R1 in IMG_3100various liveries. These locos have very light plastic bodies and with the addition of the 3 rail skid are just about able to pull one coach and a van or 4 plastic goods trucks. This is perfectly OK for branchline running and I have run that way since I had the layout.

IMG_3097But in the course of the conversion we had two engines running together and so we progressed to see what they would pull. The two engines were able to pull a 7 0r 8 wagon goods train or 3 SD carriages. So a real case of double heading where a single engine can’t pull the train so a second engine is added, a fairly common practise in steam days and now taken to extremes in the US with up to 6 diesels connected to the same train, sometimes 4 up the front with 2 pushing and in some cases even a couple of engines in the middle.

IMG_3094I have a collection of small engines mostly converted from Triang or modern Hornby which all suffer from the R1 problem – plastic body plus skate giving minimal haulage capability. Well along comes double heading and they will now pull my standard goods and passenger trains. A real game changer in running more interesting stuff.

All double heading has been done on my sole remaining H&M controller but I will try it with an A3 and then comes the new controller which is due next week.


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