Spring has sprung

Spring is here and the clocks have sprung forward – more time in the garden less in the train shed.

A lot of running over the winter but little in the way of layout changes or for that matter new rolling stock. The running has had the unfortunate affect of causing some of the converted engines to give up the ghost. Two Farish models an 0-6-0 PT succombed and the large Praire tank also stopped running plus the Triang dock shunter. They have all been placed in the dead loco box as they are not worth getting repaired. I will have a go during the Summer but I am not hopeful. Also I had two of the H & M controllers fail. These are fairly easy to come by but they are old and probably the same will happen again so I have bitten the bullet and ordered a new double controller from the chap who sells the Neo magnets listed in the links.

Expensive but hopefully worth it. It is built to order and will take a few weeks to arrive. I will post pictures and running performance when I get it.

Update April 6th – Yet another loco dead. The converted Bachman 2-6-2 standard tank has broken its front driving wheel and has locked solid, No chance of resurrecting this one, Shame as it looked good but would not pull much of a load. Perhaps I should concentrate on HD locos and not this modern converted stuff.

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