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  1. Hi, It would be nice to see how well your new controllers work in a YouTube video, especially at (a reliable running) slow speed, it could then be compared to a video I made using Morley and other “off the shelf” (modern types) controllers. (no neo mags)
    As for the use of (very strong large sized) neo magnets that will in the long run damage your trains , you would be better off (financially as well) re-magnetising the original magnets. Take a look.
    Enjoy your site, keep up the good work. Ron Dodd

    1. Ron,

      The man with one of the best HD layouts ever and all those excellent videos on how to fix HD problems asking me for a video. I am well pleased but no video camera. My Canon G10 does have a video option so I could try that. I don’t have a tripod but something might be fixed up to keep the camera steady and then the lights in the workshop aren’t that good. It’s worth a try and I will have ago but don’t expect anything any time soon as I will have to experiment. It’s worth trying as the controller seems to me to excellent at low speeds although some engines do need a jerk to get them going. Probably they need a service. Watch this space.

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