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Richard Fellows did a realy excellent job finding a picture of my shunter and realising that it was a Dinky push along train. As soon as he identified it I found only two more picture on the web so great job. Obviously repainted into black with no numbers or logo. Given that the Horby mech fits it is obviously OO gauge but the scale is way out as the boiler is as tall as that on a 2-6-4T so perhaps its the biggest dock shunter ever. It actually doesn’t look to out of place the head of a short passenger or goods train and it runs well. I will take so some comparative pictures to give an idea of how out of scale it is. The Budgie train is even more difficult to find on the web. This is because mine is not a Budgie train as all I can find that they made was in British Railways livery with nasty stickers so mine must have been a forerunner as the LMS is embossed. I did see one on ebay in green described as Budgie but didn’t book mark it and so can’t find it again. Again this one is to 00 gauge but not too scale with a very tall cab roof.

Good to have something different, even outlandish, to run on the layout. Now running HD, Trix, Graham Farish, Triang, Dinky Toys, Budgie Toys, Maerklin, Playcraft, Airfix and some of the modern Lima, Hornby and Bachmann plus more that I have forgotten. Variety is the spice of life.

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