Servicing and trouble shooting videos

Ronald Dodd, a member of the HRCA who has had many memorable layouts which he has shown on UTube, has just posted 3 videos on servicing and repairing HD locos. They really are excellent and hands on so you should be able to use them easily to repair any problems that your locos may have. They are

Cleaning and lubricating

Adjusting brushes and pick ups

Fault finding and non runners

Many thanks to Ronald for posting his videos – very useful indeed

One thought on “Servicing and trouble shooting videos”

  1. Ron – very good videos. Well done!

    Regarding armatures and rewinding, two questions:

    1. How many windings per pole for either an 062T or Duchess/A4 course worm armature: and
    2. Do you remove the commutator when you rewind and then reinstall?



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