In July 2012 I had a comment posted by Mike Horton that he had some HD in his garage and wanted to dispose of it. The slight problem was that he lived in the USA. I contacted Marwan Nusair, a well known and highly respected collector of all things HD for many years who just happens also to live in the US. My contact was out of the blue but Marwan responded very positively, contacted Mike and they decided that Marwan would buy his collection.

One of the items was a Mallard which Marwan recognised was the one “normal priced” HD loco that I was missing and he offered it to me. He serviced, remagged it and sent it over to me, thanks to paypal the transaction went very smoothly. So now I am the proud owner of an HD Mallard to run alongside Silver King.

So from the UK in the early sixties to the US and back to the UK in the 2012’s this is a very well travelled loco which runs as good as new. They certainly built them well.

My thanks to Mike for contacting me and to Marwan for all his excellent work on the loco, much appreciated. Picture to be added


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