Painted and Ready

I have now painted the extension so that it is ready to start the layout. After that it was off to a visit to the local train fair and the purchase of some rails and points. I then had a follow up visit to one of the dealers houses to buy the rest of the track needed plus a chance to have a look at his train room in the loft.

Amazing layout and an amazing amount of stock. He has been collecting for many years both dublo and Triang and he runs 3 rail and 2 rail for his Triang and 2 rail HD. Fantastic collection with rarities in profusion. How about 3 St Paddys, 4 southern 0-6-0T’s and much more. Jealousy knows no bounds when you see a collection like that. A prewar Mainline station and two of the modern plastic mainline stations one in use as a Terminal and one in use as a through station. Breathtaking.

Back to the mundane of my layout.

With the new rails I was able to loose lay what I think will be the final shape of the track, The first train to run soon showed that I had put isolating points between the mainline and the sidings – Wrong – they have to be non-isolating otherwise the engine will not run into them. I found that out on the last extension but forgot all about it. Still re-laying track is always fun.

I have added an additional power point to each set of tracks and have also added a remote controller for each track so that I can work within the new extension and not have to keep going back to the main controller. This has resulted in smooth steady speed running throughout the layout. The total layout now has 4 electrical inputs to each of the tracks reducing the effects of voltage drop. The current wiring is of course very temporary as it will be under the base board when we have checked out the layout for good running.

Now to check for ease of running, de-railments and uncouplings. This will take some time

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  1. I am beginning to collect 3 rail locomotives and rolling stock again, I purchased the Duchess from the Wrenn Specialists my usual supplier for Wrenn Items, it is superb.
    I have been looking at other items on various web sites. I need a supplier of track where is the best place to obtain this from, I have been talking to Maddocks Toys who has a large stock – is there anywhere else? With this HD 3 rail railway I am hoping to get a good running layout – with a constantly cleaned centre rail and two rails on the return along with live frogs the running should be faultless, having had to put up with years of dirty 2 rails with locos stalling at points and at dirty and unlevel track this should be a dream. This layout will have landscape made to modern standards – it will only be the track that’s not and I will hide that.

    1. Peter J Davies Ltd 01299 402762, has a load of track for sale in the categories mint/boxed; unboxed/excellent and unboxed /vg I bought my points from him and they were very good. The unboxed excellent is a bit pricier than some others but it should be in the condition you need for trouble free running. Give him a ring if you know what you want or email for his list. He seems to have everything ever made including switched etc. I think that it will go fast as he has an excellent reputation.

      Let me know how you get on

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