Now this is a blog site which I devote to my 3 rail Hornby Dublo running and try to keep you up to date with what is happening. I don’t use it as a personal place to shout out my opinions but……

Binns Road Hornby has two Yahoo groups one for all Hornby trains and the other devoted to Dublo 3 rail. The former has many members and the discussions range over every type of topic imaginable with lots of experts. It is a thoroughly good forum for all Binns road train fans to discuss just about any topic you could think of. The 3R forum is slightly less formal and runners like me feel able to contribute.

Although both forums are recognised by the HRCA they are not accepted by them – as stated in the monthly magazine.

The HRCA decided to start their own forum, for members only, on MSN groups which after a slow start has become an interesting forum although the number of duplicate postings are tedious. MSN have decided to shut all of their MSN forums so a discussion started as to what should be the future. This was interesting and wide ranging with many members coming up with some excellent ideas. Nicc NDT who sometimes reads this site came up with some excellent ideas which most of the members seemed to agree with and there was a great discussion going UNTIL the HRCA Committee intervened basically stating that they were in charge (although terribly overworked) and that the views of the forum members would be considered when they made their decisions but really any more discussion was not useful.

So no more discussion.

The HRCA have missed a massive opportunity to bring the HRCA into the 21st Century but leave the trains back in the 1900’s


Well done NiccNDT your ideas were just the ticket for real progress

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