2-6-4T Obsession

These 2-6-4T tank engines are getting to be a little obsessive. The latest addition is a Hornby model of a Fowler tank engine very nicely converted to 3 rail with a Marklin skate. I am surprised at how well this engine runs with no faltering at any points or diamond crossing, this despite the fact that the conversion uses a small skate normally used by Marklin for picking up current to work the lights in their coaches. I now have:
80054 – HD standard 3 rail BR 4MT tank
80033 – HD 2 rail body on a 3 rail chassis
80153 – HD standard 3 rail BR 4MT tank beautifully repainted in Brunswick green as seen in preservation
LMS 2679 – Wrenn body on a HD 3 rail chassis
LMS 2504 – Kit built 3 cylinder Stanier tank body on HD 3 rail chassis
42319 – Hornby model of the Fowler tank converted to 3 rail
LMS 2309 – Scratch built body of Fowler tank on a standard HD chassis

There were other 2-6-4T’s modeled so there is scope for more

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