Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all and I hope that you all enjoy your 3 rail running. What will 2007 bring to my layout. I don’t think that I will be adding more track although I am running out of storage for new engines. Might be that I will have to consider some minor additions. I haven’t checked but I don’t think that I actually bought a HD loco last year. Some rolling stock but no new engines. There really aren’t any HD locos that I am prepared to afford given a degree of innate meanness and the difficulty of spending big money on engines which look exactly the same as ones I already have. I will continue to concentrate on 3 rail conversions preferably of the small tank engines to increase the variety of branch line running. I have got my sights on a Lima Warship conversion (an early green diesel) but I don’t think that my estimate of its value will win the auction. I would like a 3 rail conversion of a Hornby Schools class but have never seen one either on ebay or at a toy fair so I have to assume that it is not an easy conversion. I did buy one for conversion but Mike stated that it wouldn’t run but this was a later Chinese manufacture and I do wonder whether the earlier Margate produced one might be suitable for conversion. So I am sure that there will be new additions to the layout but right now I don’t really know what.
Watch this space and look for new photos as and when new acquisitions come on board.

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