A Little More Track

I did say in my New Year message that it was possible that I would see if I could add a bit more track. Well I looked and the area behind the controllers was a possibility so I have added one additional wagon siding and two engine sidings. I have moved the Lima LMS 0-6-0 to the up line engine sidings and have therefore released 3 new engine sidings for potential purchases this year. As expected I did not win the Warship, mentioned in my last posting, but another one has come up so I will keep my limit but try again.
I attended a local toy fair on Sunday but there wasn’t much there. I bought the peices of track I required for the new siding and a couple of wagons but that was all. I was tempted by a LMS 0-6-2T which was a good price but needed a new chassis so I left that. Not much else so the wallet stayed in the pocket. However there is another in February and there is always ebay to tempt me.

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