A little blob of magic

Back in December last year I received a comment from Nigel Clark about using silver conducting paint to improve the running of two rail locomotives converted to three rail. The suggestion was that a small amount was put on the wheel centres on the insulated wheels. I have at long last followed up on this. The paint was bought from RS Components. If you want to go down this route buy it by phone as the online version expects you to be a company. On the phone explain that you are a private individual and you get passed to a person who deals with your order rapidly and effeciently. The little package came the next day. I used it on one of my Wrenn models and the difference is fantastic. No faltering on the points, smoother running and better slow running. I have now converted all of my two rail locos. If the silver paint is offensive on the wheel hub then it can be painted over when it is completely dry with a little matt black to cover it up.
This really does do the trick.

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