Another Train Fair

Another local train fare last Sunday and of course some more purchases. Bargain of the visit was a Dapol Midland region 4-4-0 in BR lined black with the number 40567. This has been “professionally” converted to 3 rail using a Marklin skid. It is tender drive, didn’t I state that I would never have another one, but goes very well, does not not de-rail and sounds OK. The lining on this loco is white unlike the normal red. I have a black and white picture of the prototype but can’t really make out the lining. I also added some trucks to fill up available siding space. Nothing too adventurous.

Dapol also produced this model in LMS Crimson Lake and SDJR Blue. It must be that Dapol was taken over by Hornby Hobbies as they produced models of the same engine. It is very plasticy but seems to run well so is an interesting and unusual addition to the loco fleet. I have posted some pictures.
Nothing else has really happened on the new layout since returning from vacation I must find some time to continue with the ballasting.

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