Its wet, cold and very miserable weather – ideal to be in the workshop working on the layout or just playing with the trains. The test running is continuing and mostly everything is just about OK. There are still some de-coupling and jumped bogies but there always will be with track and rolling stock around 50 years old. The next job is to put some additional side bits on the new extension as the rails come very close to the edge of the board and any de-railment would mean a 4ft fall to the floor. Having done that I think that it will be time to screw the track down. This can be a very dodgy process as there is a tendency to slightly move the rails as you do it so further track testing will be necessary as this process continues.
I am very well pleased with all the new acquisitions as they look and run well. I also bought some cardboard kits for new buildings so another job to add to the many already. There is also a Train Fair this coming Sunday so the temptation to add some freight wagons will be high. I need some to add to the goods siding. I also need another BR (W) superdetailed carriage and perhaps another Pullman just to complete the current trains, prior to new additions of complete trains. 80033 runs well but I have to run it bunker first as it derails its front bogie on either the up or down line. As I have several other 2-6-4Ts which do not then there must be a problem with this particular loco but its not easy to solve. So for the moment its bunker first and no de-railing problems. A problem for the future.

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